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History of the Fast Fit Fire Solution

The idea for the Fast Fit Fire Solution came to me when the 3rd amendment to the seventeenth edition came out, which stated that from January 2016 we would no longer be allowed to fit plastic consumer units. The original metal units we were required to fit had knock outs that, although suitable for conduits with single cables, weren’t at all suitable for fitting the amount of twin and earth cables we usually find in a residential property these days. There were also 25mm mains tails and 3x earthing cables to deal with.

As a qualified electrician and Project Manager, with over 40 years experience, I could see this was causing a problem, not only for me but for most electricians I spoke to. So I decided to start by designing something that gave easy to access wires allowing for future wiring and removal if needed.

The next challenge was to make it easy to fit, without compromising the integrity of a consumer unit. The final challenge was to make it fire proof.

It took about 2 years and 35 prototypes to get to the product you see today. Then it was time for the big fire test. This was carried out by Cambridge Fire Laboratories who had 2 fully loaded 10 way consumer units with the Fast Fit Fire Solution fitted to the top of each one. One unit was sealed with fire foam and the other with mastic (see video). Both of these achieved a total fire stop to 66mins at 960°C  with no flame (Full report available on request). I then decided to introduce different sizes to suit consumer units from a 6 way to a 20 way. With the addition of ducting to suit (see specifications) the unit is simple and is supplied with a drill bit, fire mastic and template. Everything that is required to do an install as quickly as possible.

I have installed several of these now and it as made cabling and fitting much easier. Try it for yourself.

To see the full fire report please contact us.

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